The Pôle Agronomique Ouest is a french inter-regional tool piloted by the council of Brittany  and Pays de la Loire. Founded in 1992 by the two régional councils, its objective is to promote research programs related to economical ressources in west of France. 

The board also includes the following partners : local councils of Ille et Villaine, Côtes d'Armor and the main towns of Brest and Angers.

Details concerning Pôle Agronomique Ouest in Brittany and Pays de la Loire (geographical activities zones) :

  • Sea : the seashore represents 3 070 km ( 56% of metropolitain coast line of France) 20 fishing harbours with fish auction halls ;
  • Pig Production : 68% of the national pig breeding ;
  • Poultry production : Brittany and Pays de la Loire are national leaders ;
  • Milk production : 37% of the national production is delivered to dairy industries ;
  • Agro Food production : 1st in Europe with 30 Billions euros turnover and with 3,5 Billions is for export.

To fulfill its mission, the Pôle Agronomique Ouest has structured its activities on :

  • The animation of Clusters : associations of economic partners (dairy, cider, feed industries, bakery, fish and sea products, agriculture) and researchers (life science) in West of France, so as to propose, write and manage research programs and projects ;
  • The construction of life sciences projects (examples : PROFIL and SOS PROTEIN).